Echo > Echo in the Courtyard

Through materials and form, I investigate perception in relation to time and space. The ethereal qualities are represented through glass forms that not only respond and exist within their environments but invite the environment into the visual structure. Because of this, the pieces change in relation to each other, their surroundings, and their viewers who literally see themselves in the work.
The use of glass and mirror in my work embody the characteristics of introspection, clarity and fragility which I identify as integral factors of personal development as a human being and an artist. This partnered with structural and architectural forms presents a contrast between the emotional intuitive mind and the logical one. This intellectual dichotomy between form and separation of space represents the epitome of self and questions the practicality with which we strive for individualized senses of perfection and perception.
This series of portraits employs introductions of common ready made materials such as zippers, chain, and barbed wire which present anomalies in the work that inspire, through product and process, isolated senses of the human condition; (pressure, tension, boundaries, growth, etc).

Glass, Mirror, Steel, Zippers, Barbed Wire, Stone, Chemical Process